MES integrated environment testing

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Description:MES integrated environment testing
Description:MES integrated environment testing
In the laboratory to achieve the vehicle in the actual environment of various working conditions, combined with a variety of external environment coordinated control, real simulation of the actual operating conditions of the vehicle, research the control strategy and verify the reliability.

Test purposes

◆ Case 1: Life-temperature cycle test Purpose:
The test simulates the thermal load of the components when the temperature changes during the service life of the vehicle. Used to verify the quality and reliability of components due to failures due to thermal mechanical loading, such as aging and cracking of welded joints, adhesive joints and joint joints, and seals or housings.
◆ Case 2: Temperature and humidity cycle test Objective:
This test simulates the thermal stress of the battery (including the condensation condition) under the condition of high temperature and high humidity during the running of the vehicle, with the purpose of verifying the ability of the tested equipment to withstand thermal stress.

Test case


Test the difficulty

◆ 1. Life-temperature cycle test:
A.Synchronizing the flow of the water cooler with the ambient temperature;
B.The synchronization between the highest and lowest monomer voltage and the ambient temperature(85%,15%SOC);
C.Synchronization between test cycles when two tested items are placed in an environment bin.
◆ 2. Temperature and humidity cycle test:
A.The temperature of the water cooler is synchronized with the temperature of the environment bin;
B.In the cycle experiment,the total execution time is 10min regardless of whether the circuit spectrum is interrupted as required.

Test equipment



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