After-sales engineer

Negotiate in person

1.Responsible for on-site installation,debugging,fault maintenance and user training of the company's products;
2.Summarize and feedback after-sales problems of on-site products;
3.Summarize and feedback customer information,suggestions and opinions.
Job specification
1.Able to travel frequently;
2.College degree or above,major in power electronics,automation,electrical or related;
3.Experience in inverter,inverter,switching power supply and other power electronics related products is preferred;
4.Knowledge of the power battery,motor,controller and other key components of electric vehicles is preferred;
5.Honest and trustworthy,affinity,strong language skills,document writing ability,hands-on ability.


Once employed, all employees can enjoy five social insurance and one housing fund, employee travel, regular physical examination, year-end bonus, paid vacation, employee birthday and holiday benefits.
Company address:No. 30, Earn Hui Road, New Industrial Park, Xi 'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone