Business assistant

Negotiate in person

1.Assisted the sales to seal the quotation,prepare the bidding documents and deal with the contract signing and other documents;
2.Responsible for the contract management,supervise and assist the sales to complete the execution of the contract,including payment collection,delivery and invoicing;
3.Sales related business data statistics;
4.Collect public bidding information;
5.Exhibition,booth construction,exhibition services,exhibition information sorting and other exhibition affairs;
6.Prototype management and maintenance of prototype tracking list;
7.Release of daily meeting minutes and minutes;
8.WeChat official account and website update;
9.Other matters arranged by leaders.
Job specification
1.College degree or above,major in accounting,statistics and other data analysis is preferred;
2.Practical,serious,careful and responsible in work;
3.Proficient in office and other office software;
4.Good at communication,aggressive,strong sense of responsibility and execution;
5.ERP experience is preferred;
6.Sales or administrative assistant working experience is preferred.


Once employed, all employees can enjoy five social insurance and one housing fund, employee travel, regular physical examination, year-end bonus, paid vacation, employee birthday and holiday benefits.
Company address:No. 30, Earn Hui Road, New Industrial Park, Xi 'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone