Product Application Engineer

Negotiate in person

1.Application case writing:extract and summarize customer test cases,output documents and establish case base
2.Demand mining:understand customers'needs,dig and refine customers'pain points,provide solutions and guide r&d priorities
3.Market and competitive product analysis:Understand the latest trends of the industry,investigate the equipment of domestic and foreign counterparts,analyze the advantages and disadvantages,and provide basis for the development and promotion of the company
4.Testing practice:Master the company's product principles and advantages,complete specific testing practice activities,avoid work divorced from the actual scene,and combine theory with practice;
5.Sales support:Keep good communication with customers,provide better solutions,and support sales to reach orders.
Job specification
1.Bachelor degree or above,major in power electronics,electrical engineering,mechatronic,measurement and control,computer,etc.
2.Experience in photovoltaic,inverter,UPS,inverter,new energy vehicles and other industries;
3.Experienced in power electronics product development,familiar with product development process;
4.Have the spirit of struggle,strong logical thinking ability,teamwork spirit,good at communication.


Once employed, all employees can enjoy five social insurance and one housing fund, employee travel, regular physical examination, year-end bonus, paid vacation, employee birthday and holiday benefits.
Company address:No. 30, Earn Hui Road, New Industrial Park, Xi 'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone