Device engineer

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1.Responsible for device selection to ensure rational device selection;
2.Responsible for device certification and testing to ensure that the quality and reliability of devices meet the design requirements;
3.Responsible for supporting the technical application of devices,guiding the development of correct application devices,and reviewing the application rationality of devices;
4.Assisted in solving the failure analysis problems in device application,provided the possible causes of device failure and suggested measures for improvement;
5.Responsible for the establishment,optimization and maintenance of device platform,and the formulation of device related specifications and processes;
6.Responsible for supplier technical management and participate in supplier inspection.
Job specification
1.Bachelor degree or above(major in components,electronic materials,polymer materials,microelectronics is preferred);
2.At least 2 years experience in device design or application,familiar with device industry trend,IC device,semiconductor device,resistance container device,one or more kinds of various low voltage devices,etc.
3.Understand device industry standards,device environmental protection knowledge,safety knowledge,reliability knowledge,basic knowledge of failure analysis,etc.;
4.Capable of guiding device application,failure analysis,supplier technical certification,device cost analysis,etc.;
5.Familiar with the basic knowledge of circuit;
6.Good English listening,speaking,reading and writing skills;
7.Good teamwork and communication skills.


Once employed, all employees can enjoy five social insurance and one housing fund, employee travel, regular physical examination, year-end bonus, paid vacation, employee birthday and holiday benefits.
Company address:No. 30, Earn Hui Road, New Industrial Park, Xi 'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone