Embedded software Engineer

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1.Responsible for software development and debugging of embedded products(C language);
2.Responsible for product demand analysis,software architecture design and related function module development;
3.Responsible for writing relevant development documents,test plans,technical support documents,usage instructions,etc.;
4.Responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of existing product programs and software.
Job specification
1.Bachelor degree or above,major in automation or electronics,at least 2 years of embedded development experience;
2.Proficient in embedded C language development,with practical project experience,proficient in using keIL,IAR and other development tools;
3.Familiar with CAN,TCP/IP,RS485,SPI and other communication methods and protocols;
4.Familiar with the principle of automatic control and capable of systematic thinking;
5.Familiar with basic hardware principle,able to independently complete schematic diagram and PCB designer is preferred;
6.Strong sense of responsibility,strong logical analysis and communication skills.


Once employed, all employees can enjoy five social insurance and one housing fund, employee travel, regular physical examination, year-end bonus, paid vacation, employee birthday and holiday benefits.
Company address:No. 30, Earn Hui Road, New Industrial Park, Xi 'an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone