New energy vehicles into the "fast lane" Safety technology can not "derailment"


In the development of China's automobile industry,there has never been a period so vigorous,proud and favored by The Times.All this is because China's new energy vehicles have levered the whole global automobile market and overturned the traditional pattern of automobile industry in the near future.

The passive state of self-owned brands in the traditional automobile market cannot prevent the"land invasion"of self-owned new-energy vehicles,and the policies of different sizes also frequently release unprecedented signals of positive development of new-energy vehicles.Both the energy saving and new energy vehicles industry development planning(2012-2020)","made in China 2025","auto industry long-term development planning"or"passenger car enterprise average fuel consumption and new energy automobile integral parallel management method"(hereinafter referred to as"double integral policy")the ground,for China's new energy vehicles in the world's leading open the way for on the track.

The clarity of the policy environment will guide the automobile enterprises to incline to new energy vehicles in terms of technology and capital.In 2015,China's electric cars saw an explosion,and in 2016,they topped the world in annual production and sales for two consecutive years.Faced with the changing trend of the Chinese market,the"elephants"of foreign auto industry began to turn around one after another:Volkswagen released its"Roadmap E"plan,indicating that Volkswagen group would launch 80 new electric models by 2025.BMW has announced that it will offer 25 electric models by 2025;According to Mercedes-benz,10 new pure electric products will be launched in 2022,and a new energy-driven version will be introduced for the whole range of models...

The new energy vehicles are on the fast track,with some industry figures suggesting that global targets for carbon dioxide emissions could push sales of electric cars to 60m by 2040.

Increasing production and sales of electric vehicles safety accidents occur frequently

The development speed of electric vehicles in China in recent years is obvious to all.Following the explosive growth in 2015,the sales volume of electric vehicles in 2016 reached a record high of 507,000 units.According to the public data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,in the first ten months of 2017,China's production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 517,000 units and 490,000 units,so the industry is still confident in this year's sales target of 700,000 new energy vehicles.

With the increase of electric vehicle ownership,frequent electric vehicle safety accidents are also noticeable.According to incomplete statistics on the public information on the Internet,from January to September this year,there have been safety accidents involving electric cars in China every month,while accidents involving electric cars abroad have occurred one after another.In recent years,most of the safety accidents of electric vehicles have resulted in fire or even explosion.

According to Wang Binggang,a special expert of 863 Plan for electric vehicle major science and technology,fire accidents of new energy vehicles increase with production and sales.According to rough statistics,there will be 50 fire accidents per 1 million new energy vehicles on average,and the number of fire accidents will reach 250 by 2020 when the population of new energy vehicles is expected to reach 5 million.

Li Dong,director general of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,said publicly that safety is the prerequisite for the development of electric cars,and that without safety there would be no future for electric cars.

From the first year of 2007 to 2015,China won the first global production and sales champion.The development of new energy vehicles in China has entered the growth stage from the introduction stage.In the face of an increasingly wide market and more and more consumers,new energy vehicle safety technology is particularly important.

It is urgent to improve the safety technology of power battery

According to Ouyang,"ELECTRIC vehicle safety technology covers three parts:power battery,vehicle and charging infrastructure."In the safety technology of electric vehicles,as the power battery itself is a high energy carrier,without the need for external energy input,it can generate huge destructive power due to the abnormal release of energy,so the safety of power battery is the top priority in the safety technology of electric vehicles.

The safety of power battery includes structural safety,electrical safety,thermal safety,chemical safety,environmental safety,three-prevention safety,and life cycle safety.The safety problem of power battery comes from its energy release,which includes electric energy release and chemical energy release.The safety problems formed by the form of electric energy release are presented as electric shock(mainly refers to the high pressure system above 6V),and the safety problems caused by chemical energy release are finally presented as the combustion or explosion caused by the uncontrolled thermal control and thermal expansion.

A fire broke out after a Tesla crashed into a guardrail in Rizhao,Shandong province,at around 3am on June 11

A fire broke out after a Tesla car crashed into a guardrail in Rizhao,Shandong province,on June 11.The car's body and frame were completely destroyed,and the battery cells scattered on the ground,proving that the battery pack shell had been broken.The accident,which was more serious than many tesla fires abroad,caused a sensation and raised questions among consumers about the safety of tesla's battery pack and electric control system.In the case of a fire,it is usually caused by the ignition of the electrolyte and its decomposition products.Electric vehicle fire accident is one of the most common and most destructive situations in electric vehicle safety accident,because once electric vehicle fire,due to the irreversibility of energy release,it will directly damage the electric vehicle,or burn to ashes,or even explode,thus threatening the life safety of passengers.

Battery risks are mainly pided into four aspects:battery fire or explosion,excessive voltage,corrosive chemicals and toxic fumes.The above four points may pose a potential threat to the safety of human life.If the battery is deformed,penetrated,short-circuited or overheated,the potential risk of the battery may be triggered.The risk coefficient of the first two items is high,while the risk coefficient of the latter two items is medium.If the battery has been damaged and cannot discharge the battery,the battery will be on fire and even if the battery has been put out the fire,the battery will pose a threat to the user's life safety."As long as the damaged battery does not discharge,the above risks can occur at any time!Internal testing has shown that batteries can burn even after a week of testing,"said CTO Thomas Kropsch,I&D center of Neusorich Automotive Technology(Shanghai)Co.,in a speech on"How to deal with accidents in the electric vehicle sector."

Industry research believes that for the safety of electric vehicles,the first step is to improve the safety of power batteries,and the technical means to improve the safety of inpidual technologies,such as material safety,process modification,and additional protection measures.Secondly,the group safety of power battery is improved,such as integration,modular technology and packaging technology.In addition,the safety of power battery system is improved,such as BMS technology,thermal management system,configuration technology,protection system design and protection circuit,etc.This view with Thomas Kropsch point of view,in addition,Thomas Kropsch on dealing with the process of the electric car accidents,said:"the response to the electric car accidents can mainly be pided into product research and development and two cases after the accident,the former from Battery wrapper('Packer)and OEM,and the latter can be from the first responder(first responders)and the subsequent processing to deal with.Among them,the improvement of battery wrapper can start from relay,fuse,temperature sensor,software,design,quality management,standard and test.Oems start with collision detectors,orange cables and tests;As the first responder after the accident,PSE,thermal camera,training and operation manual should be started.

"Post-processing"of Electric Vehicle Safety Accident

In fact,in terms of the safety of the battery management system design,established in 2015,neusoft farce chi has been ahead,in August 2016,neusoft farce chi has released a new generation of intelligent battery management system,has the SOC/SOE/SOH high safety management system of the core algorithm,has been more than in the domestic automobile enterprise of many commercial vehicles and passenger car have long verification test,assemble the product several models have been implemented this year l production sales.

Mr.Cao Bin,deputy general manager of Neusoruchi,said that with the rapid heating of the new energy vehicle market,the battery management system market ushered in the opportunity of rapid development,safety issues have also become the focus of attention.Battery system,as the core component of new energy vehicles,is a highly complex system involving electrochemical,mechanical,electrical,software and other technologies,and needs to ensure the safety of long-term use.

New energy vehicles into the"fast lane"Safety technology can not"derailment"

In the aftermath of an electric car accident,there are many small questions that can't be ignored:how many firefighters and tractor(trailer)operators are needed when an electric car is damaged?Do you need to carry transportation and unloading equipment?What does the transport and unloading equipment look like?How to store such vehicles?Where are they stored?How to properly dispose of batteries/vehicles in accidents?The reality is that accidents happen;The firefighters were well prepared and well versed in electric vehicles;The accident vehicle suddenly caught fire without finding out the cause;No one can say whether the battery is in a safe state;Firemen need to accompany the trailer to the accident vehicle storage area(tunnel),and in this process,the accident vehicle is still in critical condition,therefore in the process of the electric car accident of post-processing,Thomas Kropsch puts forward the feasible scheme of a novel:"when an electric car collided with an internal combustion engine car,the latter caught fire,this situation is obviously dangerous.At this point,there is no sign of fire on the electric vehicle,but there is no guarantee that the electric vehicle is safe.At this point,our proposal is to use a special vehicle,the electric vehicle towed away,put it into the vehicle in a special treated container(similar to a container).At this point,liquid or coolant should be used to cool the vehicle,and immediately cut off the vehicle's power supply,but it depends on the specific situation.And then we send the vehicle to other open areas,which we call safe recycling,and that's our initial proposal."

Neusoft farce chi in addition to the new energy automotive battery management and intelligent charging key technical aspects of innovation and research and development,but also in the image recognition,sensor fusion as the core technology of advanced driver assistant system and key technology and open cloud based unmanned platform of Telematics car networking in areas such as in-depth study,at the same time,the new energy car rental time-sharing is also one of the important business of neusoft farce chi.

The furious summary

The rapid rise of the electric vehicle industry,it must be on the premise of safe and reliable,it not only involves the monomer battery,battery pack,and management system,wiring harness,high pressure parts,charging pile,charging station security technology,involves the battery and the vehicle manufacturing storage,transportation,use maintenance,scrapping of retrieving and dismantling,each link,all that remains to be the joint efforts of enterprises,after all,the final bill or for an electric car with trust of consumers,and consumers precious life.