Spectrum Analyzer

Stropower spectrum analyzer is a specialized equipment designed for conducting ripple tests on high-voltage electronic components, such as power batteries and electric drive systems.

Power Battery Simulation System

Stropower battery simulation system is a professional equipment specially designed and developed for the power test bench of new energy vehicles.The equipment has high detection and control accuracy and good stability.It can be used for powertrain test of new energy electric vehicles.

Battery Cell Testing System

Stropower Battery Cell Testing system is specially designed to test ivdividual power battery cell.Application areas includes battery design verification,production line testing etc.

Battery Pack Testing System

Stropower Battery Pack Testing system is designed to emulate real-world powertrain battery pack usage with high precision.It can be widely applied for powertrain design verification,production testing and IQC testing.

Battery Module Testing System

Stropower Battery Module Testing system is specially designed for battery module testing.Application areas includes battery pack design verification,production line testing etc.

Battery Module Balancing System

The power battery module balancer can be used to balance the target value of the module voltage. The software interface is friendly, and the service life of the battery module is extended. It is suitable for lithium ion batteries made of ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Application fields: automobile 4S stores, battery factory maintenance, university research battery institutions, etc.

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