The global battery industry is about to embrace innovation


Samsung Electronics announced on Nov.27 that the company's research arm,The Samsung Forte Technology Institute(SAIT),has developed new graphene battery technology that increases the capacity of the new battery by 45%,improves the charging rate by five times,and extends the battery's application life.

Graphene is known to be extremely conductive and durable,and scientists are looking for a variety of applications for the material.A research team in South Korea also used the material to produce an OLED screen in April.Graphene battery is a kind of new energy battery developed by utilizing the characteristics of rapid and massive shuttle movement of lithium ions between graphene surface and electrode.

According to SAIT,if existing lithium batteries take an hour to fully recharge,the new"graphene ball"technology could shorten that to 12 minutes.

Lithium batteries using graphene balls can also keep the temperature at 60 degrees Celsius,SAIT added.The new batteries are also expected to be used in electric cars.

Samsung has filed patents for the technology in South Korea and the United States.

The announcement of Samsung's success in graphene battery technology heralds a revolution in the global battery industry that could lead to the adoption of new battery technologies in smartphones.