Does engine sound-proof cotton work?


A lot of people bought new car to come back,can undertake to new car dress up one time,besides the car high-quality goods such as cushion,ground glue,perfume,still have is engine sound insulation cotton.Can an extra piece of engine-proof cotton really improve interior noise?Different people have different opinions.In fact,now many of the original factory has equipment,for the original factory is not equipped with sound insulation cotton model,do you want to add?How useful is it in practice?In response to these questions,the truth man will,as always,through the actual measurement to tell you the answer.

● Introduction of sound insulation cotton and test method

There are two main types of engine sound-proof cotton sold on Taobao.One is the special sound-proof cotton for special vehicles.Most of the materials are plastic flocking and fire-retardant cotton with high temperature resistance.The other is free cutting aluminum foil insulation cotton,the material is aluminum foil+foam flame retardant material.The vehicle used for the test was originally equipped with sound insulation cotton,so we bought cut-out aluminum foil sound insulation cotton from Taobao to compare the sound insulation effect.

While the free-cut type of sound insulation cotton needs to be cut according to the size of the engine cover of their own models,which is relatively less convenient and not so beautiful,but also quite simple to operate.The steps are as follows:

A lot of people think that installed engine sound insulation cotton can improve the car noise,is it really effective?For this reason,we carry out the following test:test the noise value in the compartment under different conditions before and after installing soundproof cotton.In order to reduce the impact of other vehicles on the test results,we chose a remote road for the test.

In order to visually demonstrate whether the installation of engine soundproof cotton is effective,we measured the noise value in the compartment under three different states of soundproof cotton without soundproof cotton,original soundproof cotton and soundproof cotton after installation.Considering the situation of our daily car use,we will measure the noise value in the car at idle speed,30km/h,60km/h,80km/h and 100km/h respectively in each state.In order to have a more intuitive understanding of the acoustic insulation effect of engine cotton on the compartment,we also measured the maximum noise value of a vehicle when the accelerator started to accelerate to the engine speed of 3000 RPM.

In addition,due to the engine captain working hours(especially running long distance),the engine room temperature is very high,many people are worried about the engine insulation cotton will not cause spontaneous combustion,there are safety risks.Although many businesses now claim that the insulation cotton they sell is made of flame retardant material,there is no need to worry about spontaneous combustion.Is it really flame retardant?So let's do a little experiment to verify that.